Scope Mounts

12/01, 2016
A revolutionary high quality mount, made out of a single block of aluminum. All the accessories are integrated into the upper part of the ring, so it can be turned and used on either left or right side, making the mount fully ambidextrous. As the upper ring has integrated accessories, there are no screws or loose parts, and it also makes it much easier and cheaper to remove or add accessories such as leveler and/or cosine as only the upper part of the mount needs to be changed. This also makes the whole mount fully adjustable according to the user’s wishes and preferences. The upper part presents 2/3 of the ring, therefore the stability is batter and pressure on the scope itself is much lighter than with conventional mounts, preventing wear and damage to the scope. The mount and all parts are made out of a single aluminum block and hard anodized for damage and environment protection. All the mounts are designed and produced in EU and have a NATO STANAG number.